@tumbolian @R3Dmx @AMEngtoft @TechambDK What role do social media platforms like Meta and Twitter play in protecting human rights?

Bissan Fakih (@Bissan_Fakih) of @DigitalActionCo lays out concrete measures companies can take for a rights-respecting digital world, including by adhering to @UN Guiding Principles. https://t.co/7xBPB8Z3QG


@tumbolian @R3Dmx @AMEngtoft @TechambDK @Bissan_Fakih @DigitalActionCo @UN A keyword: #PeoplePower.

Find out why we should not overlook the willpower of citizens in repressive regimes with Kris Ruijgrok (@krisruygrok) of @UvA_Amsterdam. https://t.co/WpeTTX7iXO


@tumbolian @R3Dmx @AMEngtoft @TechambDK @Bissan_Fakih @DigitalActionCo @UN @krisruygrok @UvA_Amsterdam Last but not least, we need #Solidarity for change.

Gulmira Birzhanova from Legal Media Center explains why we need spaces like #RightsCon to come together and coordinate: https://t.co/BvvIjQYw4S

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